What Is The Cause of That Warped Vinyl Siding?

Perhaps you have seen this in your travels around your city or town. Vinyl siding on a building where one wall of the building has the look of warped vinyl siding. Like the side of the building fire but there was no black scorch that would occur if a fire had happened. Instead the vinyl siding itself had that wobbly, uneven look, where an area is completely damaged and needs to be replaced. It look bad!

Do you know what caused this to occur? It is caused by normal heat, including ambient heat and solar reflections. Vinyl siding manufacturers do not warrant against this type of damage. When replaced with the same quality of vinyl siding the same thing will happen again over a period of time. If you replace this siding with a little better quality siding the two types of siding will no longer match.

MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems will never warp in this fashion. Our panels are protected by a Kynar Coating which reflects up to 77% of the sun’s rays. This reflection of the sun along with our Radiant Barrier will also help to keep your building cooler.

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