Is 2023 the year to do the Maintenance on the Exterior of the home?

A lot of Homeowners are facing the upkeep chores on their Home this Spring, There is always something that needs to be done on the outside of the home. Cleaning Pine Straw and leaves out of the gutters, washing the windows, power washing the driveway, getting the garden ready and on and on. And then there’s the Exterior walls and Soffit/Fascia. If the walls are brick bleach water and a garden hose will do the trick on a one story, same thing for soffit. It the walls are wood need to renail all thats loose recaulk,sand, prime and place 2 coats of paint. If Vinyl check for loose panels, unlocked panels,Panels with Holes in them. If it has perforations patch over holes. Then wash house to factory specs No Power washer it drive water behind siding. If the vinyl siding is all Oxidized its about time to Change it, average life of vinyl in the southern states is 12 years. Or give us a call 1-855-629-9255 and have us bring out the latest colors, patterns, Samples of The New Steel Siding System by MAXWALLPRO LLC. This system is almost maintenance Free has to be hosed down twice a year to keep dust and cobwebs off, other than that Pretty worry free, Cat 5 wind warranty, Hail Warranty, Fade Warranty, Labor and Material Non Prorated. 28 Great Colors and also have the look of Stained wood. All Kynar/Hylar Finished. So if it is almost Chore time at your Place give us a ring maybe we can help, Zero Down Plans. Thanks for reading our Post, And Also Our steel is the best alternative to Hardy Plank,Vinyl Siding, Or Ceramic Coatings.