Cement Board – Did You Know It Is NOT Maintenance Free?

In the remodeling industry Cement Board has become an alternative to wood siding, vinyl siding, and stucco. If installed properly it looks fairly good and most people believe it is maintenance free.
However, it is rarely mentioned that upon installation and every 5 years after that caulking is required to make the Cement Board water tight on your home. If the caulking is not done properly major problems can result. Water from weather can get behind the Cement Board causing the wood underneath the Cement Board to rot over time. And that moisture can attract insects that are harmful to your home such as termites. Correcting damage that termites inflict on your home can be extremely costly.
MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding System is virtually maintenance free. Once the Steel Siding Panel System has been installed by our experienced Steel crews there is no need to caulk. The system is designed to keep the weather out.
So if you don’t mind the additional cost of having Cement Board re-caulked and painted every 5 years then Cement Board is the answer for you.
MAXWALLPRO believes otherwise. Invest in a product that will bring you a lifetime of beauty without the hassle of time consuming maintenance such as caulking and painting.
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