What do you do with Faded/ Oxidized/ Peeling Vinyl Siding?

That’s a great Question a lot of homeowners are facing. There are few different answers, and it all depends on the age and condition of the Vinyl panels. If they are very Brittle and cracked its Time to Replace. If its just all Oxidized and lost its color a person could wash all the oxidation off. Follow Factory specs on care and maintenance. Best not to use pressure washer. Once completed it can be coated with different materials like putting Armor All on tires it will make it look good for a short period of time and need to be repeated. A homeowner could Paint the Vinyl siding best to paint it a lighter color than it is. Dark paint would heat it up and it would all warp out. Another thing would be to do Nothing just let it go till it fails 100%. Or Replace it with a 100% Green Material The New Steel Siding System by MAXWALLPRO LLC. Our firm removes and disposes of all the old vinyl, Replaces any and all rotten wood that needs to be done, then wraps the Home with a Radiant Barrier House wrap 8ft tall by 125 long very few seams, applies Window and door flashing to make the home watertight. Then the new Steel Siding system with no Butt Joints is installed with all Trim moldings. Most homes also receive or Soffit and Fascia Package as well. So if your a homeowner asking yourself what i am i going to do with this vinyl siding? Give us a look and you will be glad you did. Thanks for checking out our blog and call with any questions.