Warped Vinyl Siding on the House

After 17 years
steel siding soffits and fascia
Lifetime steel siding system

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A lot of Homeowners are asking these Questions after about a Decade of Sun,Wind,Rain,Powerwashing, Cracking up the bottom of the home with the Trimmer. At this point home is starting to look a little rough on the Exterior. The Best Bet is to have it removed and dispose of it. A real Hassle to clean up the mess and haul it to the proper landfill, No recycle it is called dirty plastic they only want clean free of dirt, mildew, Nails etc. However it needs to be removed so a complete inspection of the Substrate can be done. Then replace any rotten wood. Vinyl is water resistant not water tight. Now your ready for a vapor Barrier . We use a Insulated Radiant Barrier House Barrier. And special flashings around openings. Now your ready for New Siding! So what do we Buy? Investment Grade, Builders Grade, Weekend Warrior Grade? Well let’s start with more Vinyl 39 Different Brands if we go with this option we should pick a heavy gauge vinyl siding range from 033 to 050 Get the thick stuff, should we get Insulated or uninsulated? Insulated has foam glued to the back, adds Rigidity . Should we get Dark or light color? Dark vinyls fade Fast, light colors slower. A lot to think about. Then there is Fiber Cement Saw Dust and Cement with a Finish. What is cement? a hard sponge it absorbs water, Hope you like to caulk and Paint all junctions need to be caulked, all Butt Joints need to be caulked, and Primed and Painted on a regular bases Just like real wood. Well then there is Ceramic Coatings Its a Paint job a good one but it will not last a lifetime. Then there is a Totally Green System that will provide return on Investment, Great Insulating Properties, Peace of Mind, and almost Maintenance Free Maxwallpros Steel Siding System in Board and Batten Profile or Horizontal Profile 28 Great colors, and yes dark colors we even have Black Siding. So if your asking your self the Questions above Give us a Look possibly we will be able to put that behind you once and for all. Thanks for reading our Blog.