Cement Board – What Is It Made Of & Does It Live Up To Expectations?

Cement Board is a product that has been around the construction industry since the 1980’s. Cement Board is made of cement, finely ground sand, natural wood cellulose (wood fibers), and water which are combined and cured through a manufacturing process into a siding material.

Although some manufacturers have warranties of up to 50 years there have been numerous complaints about Cement Board not holding up even past the 10 year mark. One problem in particular Home owners have complained that in areas where there is any type of moisture the boards begin to break down. The paint covering the boards begins to peel, causing a new maintenance issue where painting is required much more frequently than should be expected. Painting was required at least every 2 years to remedy the peeling paint. Manufacturers have refused to stand behind their warranties leaving homeowners to continue the constant painting or have the cement torn off the home and replaced with a more reliable product such as MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems.

Regular maintenance for Cement Board would still require Cement Board to be caulked and painted by the 5 to7 year mark and every 5 to 7 years after that for the life of the product.

The above is just 1 of the issues that have led to Class Action Lawsuits against manufacturers of Cement Board.

MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems eliminates ALL maintenance in regards to painting and caulking. It is virtually maintenance free! You will never find that you must caulk or paint your Steel Siding System. One less thing to have to worry about in your busy life!

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