Vinyl Siding Manufacturers Are Facing A Potential Lawsuit.

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Have you heard horror stories from any of your friends or neighbors regarding their vinyl siding warping, cracking or even melting? Lawyers who specialize in construction defects are currently investigating Class Action lawsuits against certain members of the vinyl siding industry.

Warranty claims by home owners regarding their vinyl siding have been denied, the manufacturers deferring damages to window manufacturers, homebuilders, architects and pretty much anyone else they can think of. Most vinyl siding is designed NOT to withstand expected environmental conditions.

Of course few, if any, vinyl siding manufacturers warn of the potential hazards of their product becoming damaged in their sales and marketing literature.

So what is a consumer to do? – Research. An informed consumer is our best customer here at MAXWALLPRO LLC. When just a little research is done regarding vinyl siding a consumer will very quickly find that there are a lot more cons than pros regarding vinyl siding. It is NOT a good investment in the long run when compared to MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems which are warranted for a lifetime with complete hail and fade protection. The warranty is also transferable if a homeowner decides to sell. Give us a call here at MAXWALLPRO, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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