Vinyl Siding – Colors Aren’t Capable Of Withstanding The Intensity of The Sun Resulting in Faded Colors.

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There is an old saying in the vinyl siding industry, “Vinyl is final”, however that is not true in more ways than one.  We have already discussed in previous blogs how vinyl siding can warp, buckle and crack.  Vinyl siding colors are also very likely to fade in the sun.  So if you are a consumer that loves the deep rich colors of dark blues and browns, which FYI, need to be special ordered in vinyl siding, you may be greatly disappointed in your purchase when the vinyl siding color fades.  Some vinyl sidings are even manufactured with titanium dioxide which has been proven to” inhibit” (but not stop) the fading of color in the siding.  But once again that still means the siding will fade.  So your beautiful deep midnight blue siding will end up being a lighter tone of blue siding. Vinyl color is not final!

When you invest in MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems, no matter what the color, you have a lifetime, non-prorated limited warranty against fading along with hail protection. This warranty is also transferrable if the homeowner decides to sell his home.  Doesn’t it make sense to cover your most important investment with  one of MAXWALLPRO’s durable Steel Siding Systems?  Why would you settle for less?  Call us at MAXWALLPRO and let us answer your questions.

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