This homeowner had a double whammy when dealing with vinyl siding.  This is another complaint listed on the Consumer Affairs website.  The homeowner had vinyl siding installed on his home.  The siding appeared to be different colors; it was supposed to be one color.  The end effect was that of a checker board.  After complaining to his installer who agreed with him, the installer stated that the manufacturer would take care of the problem and pay to have it fixed.  He never heard from either the installer or the manufacturer regarding the color problem.  His second problem developed in less than a year from the time of installation.  The vinyl siding on the sunny side of his home warped and melted.  This time he had to pay to have it removed and disposed of with an extra fee due to the nature of vinyl siding, waste vinyl siding can pollute ground water and must be disposed of  without  coming into contact with ground water.   He also mentioned the fact that if vinyl siding catches fire it releases poisonous gases!

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