How To Clean Your Vinyl Siding – Labor Intensive To Say The Least, & No Pressure Washing Allowed If You Want To Keep That Warranty!

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Daily living no doubt creates dirt and dust which unfortunately if you have  textured vinyl siding that really  causes the grit and grime and even  mildew to settle in to the small cracks and crevices of the vinyl siding.  When the dirt really settles in, especially with white siding, the ONLY way to clean the vinyl siding and  NOT cause any damage is to us an ordinary garden hose and soft-bristled brush.  You may use a long-handled car washing brush for this purpose.

For general cleaning use an ordinary garden hose to give your siding a light rinse working from the top down. For moderate atmospheric dirt, use a garden hose along with a soft-bristled brush or a long-handled car washing brush. Heavy industrial atmospheric dirt, wash with a garden hose and a soft-bristled brush but add the following solution:

1/3 cup detergent

2/3 cup trisodium phosphate

1 gallon water.

If you have mildew accumulation, (black spots) the mildew can be removed by using the basic cleaning solution above with the addition of  sodium hypochlorite  as follows:

1/3 cup detergent

2/3 cup trisodium phosphate

1 quart sodium hypochlorite 5% solution

3 quarts water.

Caution – do not exceed the recommended concentrations of cleaners, this can cause damage to the product.  Also avoid contact with skin and eyes.  Avoid use of abrasive-type cleaners and strong solvents.  To minimize streaking, always clean from the  top to the bottom and follow with a rinsing of clear water.

Use of a pressure washer on vinyl siding may cause cracks or holes and can even cause the vinyl siding to un-lock from its locking system.  Any warranty that your vinyl siding has will be voided if the manufacturer determines that the vinyl siding has indeed been pressure washed.

Sounds a little labor-intensive, don’t you think?

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