We have compiled the 10 most common vinyl siding problems in two parts that consumers should be aware of.  A lot of people think that vinyl siding is a one-time, maintenance-free installation, only to find with time they are very, very wrong.  First I will list the problems 1 to 5 and then I will go into detail about these problems.  Problems 6 to 10 will be presented in our next blog.

  1. Can Melt In The Heat Of The Sun.
  2. Releases Toxins at High Temperatures.
  3. Fades after a Few Years
  4. Can Crack or Bend Under Pressure.
  5. Requires Regular Cleaning.
  1. Vinyl siding has been known to melt or badly warp on the side of a building that receives a lot of sunshine. Manufacturers have claimed it is caused by the elements and will not uphold any warranty on their product against this defect.
  1. Vinyl siding is a product that is under constant criticism from environmental organizations.  It is a plastic material that is manufactured in an environmentally hazardous manner.  The end product is also toxic at high temperatures.  If it catches fire people indoors are exposed to high amount of toxins.
  1. Vinyl siding is very susceptible to fading and discoloration. The cheapest ones are the most susceptible.  After a few years most people find that it has lost its appeal and is already in need of being replaced.
  1. Vinyl siding can be damaged when hit by objects or if you accidentally hit it with the weed wacker or lawn mower. Cracks and other forms of damage cannot be repaired easily.  You may have to replace the damaged part of the siding, which can complicate matters because it is very difficult to match the color of your original siding due to fading.
  1. Vinyl siding will accumulate dust, mold and mildew after some time outside. If left unattended, these problems can invade your home.  Annual cleaning of vinyl siding is a requirement, contrary to popular conception that it is maintenance-free.

These are only the first five very common problems associated with vinyl siding. I will present the next five very common problems in our next MAXWALLPRO blog.  So, when thinking maintenance and problem-free, vinyl siding IS NOT the answer.


MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems are virtually maintenance-free, cannot be easily damaged, and do not fade with time.  Our life-time warranty is transferable – if you sell your home the warranty stays with your home.  The investment of a MAXWALLPRO Steel Siding System installed on your home or building is one that you will not regret, unlike vinyl siding which is pretty much destined to fail.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.

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