We have compiled the 10 most common vinyl siding problems in two parts that consumers should be aware of. This is part # 2 which lists problems 6 to 10 first and then I will go into detail about these problems.   Problems 1 to 10 were previously posted. These are very important issues when considering vinyl siding for your home or building, most consumers are not aware of many of these problems.

  1. Can Hide Moisture Problems.
  2. Inadequate Insulation.
  3. Insufficient Color Choices.
  4. Can Become Brittle and Chalky.
  5. Lowers Property Value.
  1. Vinyl siding can be susceptible to moisture problems if you use pressure washers or clean the siding improperly. Moisture underneath the siding can quickly invade your home and lead to mold, cracking paint, and or  damaged sheetrock and wallpaper.
  1. Vinyl siding does not offer good insulation. Newer varieties of the siding material come installed with foam, which offers better insulation, but, at a cost.  However, most vinyl sidings require additional backup when it comes to insulation.
  1. Vinyl siding can crack and bend out of shape if it is exposed to high temperatures. Because dark colors absorb more heat, vinyl sidings are usually found only in lighter shades.
  1. Because vinyl siding is a plastic it can become brittle and chalky with time when exposed to the elements.  Vinyl siding is not made with the intention to stand up to time, it will definitely not look the same after 5 to 10 years, in some cases even 2 years.

10   Vinyl siding does not enhance property value, unlike wood, stucco, stone or steel siding.  It can be unattractive to many buyers, especially in upscale neighborhoods.

MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems are virtually maintenance-free, cannot be easily damaged, and do not fade with time.  Our life-time warranty is transferable – if you sell your home the warranty stays with your home.  The investment of a MAXWALLPRO Steel Siding System installed on your home or building is one that you will not regret, unlike vinyl siding which is pretty much destined to fail.

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