While doing some research into the pros and cons of Cement Board, I came across a very interesting site – the Consumer Affairs site, which allows consumers to rate and give a short description of their experience with Cement Board.  Some have given positive feedback, although most say that the product is pretty expensive and hope that the product will last for a long time.

Some, however, have complained about factory applied paint, which did not hold up even on the delivery pallet before it was installed on the building, each piece on the pallet was covered with plastic which did not keep the moisture out.  Within 3 days the cement boards were stinking from bacterial growth.  Each board had to be treated with Kilz primer thoroughly.  This happened in Boulder, Colorado, a dry climate at 12,000 feet, and wet climates like Georgia or Louisiana.  And furthermore, homeowners have been reporting mildew issues in the southern regions.  Our MAXWALLPRO Siding System, with its non-porous Kynar 500 finish, has had no such mildew problems reported with our siding system.  Happy Days, no pressure-washing this system!

With MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding Systems there is no need to worry about keeping moisture away from the Steel Siding panels.  The panels are manufactured with metal alloys which prevent moisture from penetrating the product. The panels will not rust, or, for that matter develop a stinking bacterial growth! Cement Board must be completely caulked to prevent moisture from getting behind the product once it has been installed on a building.   This caulking process must be done at least every 5 to 8 years, more frequently in moist, wet, humid climates such as ours.   Cement Board must also be painted frequently.

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