Vinyl Siding should you repair or Replace.

Hello out there we know that there a lot of homeowners trying to figure out what to do with the Exterior Vinyl Siding on there Home. A High percentage of the homes that were built with vinyl received a thin builders grade type of vinyl, And they are reporting to us that its all cracked around the bottom from lawnmowers,weedeaters,etc Also being shown how its all oxidized/ Faded/ Mildewed/ and in some cases falling off. So what do we do we can try to repair? Most homeowners do not know Brand color, profile and a lot of the older vinyl siding has been Discontinued. So its a Real Act of Congress to try to fix or repair due to the vinyl siding becoming brittle/ losing its color/ we have seen some repairs that look like a patchwork quilt. New Vinyl? same boat in about a decade. New Fiber cement? Like to caulk and paint every 5 years. New Wood Same thing paint and caulk it or Stain it. Then theres the MAXWALLPRO Steel Siding System Kynar/Hylar finished, no paint, caulk, And comes with a lifetime non prorated labor and material warranty. Even a Cat 5 Wind Warranty. So if new siding is in your future, at least take a look at this Top Tier Exterior System 29 Colors and even 5 with the appearance of Stained Cedar. Give us a Call 24/7/365 1-855-629-9255 Thanks for taking time to check out this Blog.