This story would almost be comical if it were not for the home owner’s predicament.   The home owners had Vinyl Siding installed on their home in September 2010.  When they first noticed the issue they contacted the installer since it was still under warranty.  He came to the home to look at it and then proceeded to contact the store that it was purchased from.  A Company Representative was sent by this particular manufacturer to look at the problem.  As the Representative was searching for the house he first drove right past the home, he didn’t see the numbers, but quickly turned around and drove right to their house.  He told the home owner he knew it was the right house because he could see the white dots from the road!

The Representative did not give his name; he just said that he was sent to look at the siding on their home. However, he was in awe at the appearance of the “white dots”, which were made up of many different sizes, all over the house.  He kept calling it a “phenomenon”.  He took pictures of the “phenomenon” and then removed a piece of the siding which would be forwarded to the Company’s Technical Service Department.

The Company’s Technical Service Department returned the piece of Vinyl Siding with a letter informing the home owners that the condition about which I have raised concerns is specifically excluded by the term of their warranty. The Company also stated that they understood and expect normal weathering and exposure to ultraviolet (sun) light, etc. to cause fading, darkening or even a chalky look, or acquire a surface accumulation of dirt or stains.  Nowhere does the warranty say anything about “white dots”.

Follow up phone calls were made by the home owners but no one ever returned the calls.  The home owners’ choices were to keep the white doted house, or, pay to have the doted siding removed and a new material installed on their home.

With MAXWALLPRO’s Steel Siding System you will not have to worry that the product installed on your home would have such a terrible flaw.  Our Steel Siding Panels are thoroughly checked for flaws before they leave our manufacturing facility.  We at MAXWALLPRO have seen these types of issues many times regarding Vinyl Siding; it seems the manufacturers are only worried about producing a product quickly without quality assurance.  Once it is on a home or building it is your tough luck to try and have it replaced under the manufacturers’ warranty.  Most Vinyl Siding manufacturers have iron clad warranties that exclude their product from virtually EVERYTHING! 

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