Is it Time to Paint the House Again!

Its Summer time, and we are out in the yard mowing, Planting flowers etc, And we notice the home is looking a little rough around the edges. Boards warping, paint peeling, mildewing. And we are going to have to get out the Bucket, Brushes,Ladders, and paint one more time. So what’s the Answer? Well there is nothing like a freshly painted home it looks sharp for a while, Like my Father use to say painting a house is like a lady putting powder on her nose it have to be done Again and again. So maybe we look at vinyl siding? Our firm is changing a lot of it due to Cracking, Buckling and Fading. The Painted wood is better than that. Maybe Fiber Cement, also changing a lot of that type due to improper installs without flashing details, Not water tight. Maybe Ceramic Coatings, we have had clients report that it all peeled off in about a Decade. So let’s look into the New Steel Siding System 29 Colors, Kynar Finished, Fla Building Code Approved, with the Radiant Barrier Insulation To boot. So if you would like to throw the Painting Gear away call us at 1-855-MAX-WALL 629-9255 And let’s make the home Pristine and Healthy. Thanks for reading our blog