Would You Play a Game of Russian Roulette? Keep the Safety On with Metal Siding.

Every year in America we sit down and watch our evening news before retiring for the evening. While watching the weather report we hope everyday that a tropical storm nor hurricane turns our way once again. Since hurricane Katrina the vast majority of affected areas have rebuilt, but just about all used the same materials that were destroyed on their home in the first place. Why would one use something if it destined to fail? It may be old habits as far as I know, but I do know that we cannot continue to test our luck with siding that just does not hold up!

Whether it be low grade vinyl, wood or other less grade building products these hurricanes and more recent hail storms have proven that we need a stronger standard to protect our families and our assets! Steel Siding systems by MaxWallPro has exactly what you need to safeguard your home for life. Take all of the worry and guessing out of hurricane season. You’ve rebuilt at least once, and you shouldn’t have to do it again. With Steel Siding Systems even if the home is flooded and water reaches the siding for an extended amount of time your exterior is protected. The siding has moisture releasing “weep holes” to allow moisture to escape. Since our steel siding is Kynar coated it may last through such a storm. Water that reaches the home that is toxic or destructive enough in nature may damage the coating of the steel siding, but that may only occur in very extreme circumstances. Usually, toxic water will only affect living beings, but the possibility still may exist depending on the level of corrosive materials in the water.

Steel Siding Systems also carry the highest wind load rating available. You may rest assured that your siding is on for life no matter what comes your way!

So thank you for reading, and know that there is a way to stay protected during these intense storms, and we have the answers that you need! Call today, before it happens to you!