Repairing One’s Existing Siding vs. A Full Replacement

We at MaxWallPro are here to discuss the pros and cons of repairs and replacements of siding. No matter what, if a penetration exists within the extent of siding it should be attended to. Outside forces such as insects, reptiles, and especially moisture will be able to easily access your home from the outside. On top of that, one’s energy consumption will increase greatly. Thus, costing the homeowner/tenant greatly on their energy bills.

With the reason for attention defined, one must now decide the proper course of action in order to remedy the situation. The next decision to made is whether to just fix the problem(s) or replace the siding in general. When it comes to wood siding, it is already a non energy efficient material that requires a high amount of maintenance and upkeep which includes painting every few years. This in which can cost thousands over time. When it comes to Vinyl, the average customer of ours would call in some years after another company had installed the siding, and when it came time to make a repair the color they had chosen would be discontinued. Alas, if they wanted to patch the penetration with vinyl that part of the home would be off-colored and not matching the rest of the home. The seal would be complete, bu the aesthetic value would be gone from that entire side of the home. Also, vinyl is vulnerable to damage by outside forces and extreme temperatures. The likely hood of a penetration happening again is the most high with vinyl. It is more cost effective to do a small repair in the short term, but again over time the repairs would add up to being more costly than a replacement.

The prime solution would to remove the lower grade siding, and replace it all with Steel Siding. Our Single 6 Steel Siding is warranted for life, and not a single color has been discontinued. One may rest assured that their siding issues have been resolved for life. One must now choose whether to fix the already out dated frail materials or upgrade to a lifetime investment grade product that will last a lifetime and add lasting value to the home.

Please take this into consideration when making your future decisions.

Thanks for reading!