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When it comes to our homes we have a lot of choices for the exterior. What a lot of homeowners do is take care of the outside of the home themselves. We see a lot of folks do there own yards, gardens, Tree trimming,Power washing, And even wood replacement and Painting. Taking care of a home is basically Manual Labor and most homeowners can do it if they devote the Time needed to complete the task necessary to maintain the Home. However with our busy Life Styles today finding the man hours to do it is hard. 40 hour work weeks, taking care of all other items we have cars, boats, motorcycles, Motor homes etc. Just not enough hours in the day. Then theres the Weekends who wants to labor all weekend?? You could be playing Golf, Fishing, Going to the Movies, or Just Chilling out. So let’s get back to Choices Do everything ourselves?, Hire Professional Companies to do the work for us? Do Nothing? Well if we go for the last one we find it is the most Expensive because our homes lose value when the place is let go or getting run down. Zombie House. If your reading this and your place could stand for improvements Give us a call or fill out the form online a let a Field Rep come out and Visit. Our System is a Great Alternative to Hardy Plank have to caulk and paint. PVC Vinyl Siding, Plastic looking, Or Rhino Sheild Glorified Paint Job. So give us a call Zero Down. And lets make the Home Healthy.