Metal Siding vs. Vinyl Siding

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Today, we at MAXWALLPRO are going to to share with you the differences between Metal Siding, more specifically Steel, and Vinyl Siding. We will go over material quality, warranties, benefits of energy star materials, effects of extreme temperature upon materials, color maintainability, and replacement if needed.

1)Maintainability of Color: With Steel Siding the color chosen is warranted for 35 years, and will be replaced if any fading occurs within that time frame. If panels needed to be changed due to fading, which isn’t probable at all, then once replaced one would not be able to tell which panels were new and which had already been there.

When it comes to Vinyl, colors are normally discontinued after 3-5 years on average depending if the popularity of that color decreases or not. If one were to want to add on or repair/replace damaged panels after some time, then the color option may not be available any longer.
2) Temperature: Vinyl is at risk for massive expansion and contraction with changes in the temperature. During the hot summer months it has the potential to buckle and bow, and in the winter it can become very brittle and break easily. There have been cases in which newer windows were installed on a neighbor’s home, and the vinyl siding on the opposite facing home would melt due to the reflection of the sun’s ray unto the vinyl siding.
With our Kynar Coated Metal Siding panels, 77% of the sun’s rays are actually reflected, and the home is kept cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. When the S6 Steel Siding is coupled with our Ti-Fold insulation up to 40% a month can also be saved on utility bills.

3)Quality and Durability of material: Vinyl is a longer lasting product if no outside force were to interfere with it. If it were affected by say, rocks, general debris, hail, excessive wind, or any other detrimental force the lasting quality of the product would be greatly lessened. One of the most prevalent offenders would be rocks flung by lawn mowers or weed whackers. Also, going back to color, if damage were to occur some years after installation of that vinyl, and the color was naturally discontinued, then color matching would be nearly impossible.

With metal siding, the potential for having damage done by such debris is greatly lessened. Also, if it were to happen colors available by MaxWallPro are rarely discontinued, and the discontinuation will not affect the warranty provided.

4) Benefits of Steel over Vinyl:The benefits of vinyl siding are based upon it’s cost effectiveness, and it does last a decently long time. The pitfall is that is will eventually need replacing, thus incurring another large payment. With metal siding, more specifically, steel, one application is all that would be needed. After installation is complete the benefits begin to show! This lifetime product gives the option of receiving discounts on one’s homeowner’s insurance(This amount will vary from provider to provider). Finally, one will save on average, 40% on their monthly energy bill.