Inspecting Vinyl Soffit and Fascia for Damage, and intrusions also, investigating the attic for damage from faulty materials.

Good Day, here at MaxWallPro we’re back with another post in regards to your soffit and fascia!

Today this post is for those with Vinyl as their current material. This is especially simple to spot. One would simply look at the vinyl from the ground. Simply look at the coloration of it. If it seems off such as if it were off white(We will use white as an example). The vinyl will eventually degrade since it is an oil based product. Normally a yellowing process would take place. That is one clear sign that degradation has occurred. Another clear sign would be actual holes in the material! If holes were to exist, one’s home would already be open to attack. Animals would be able to intrude the home, and make the holes even larger. Insects are the most common offenders when it comes to these homes along with rodents.

Also, that portion of the attic that is nearest the intrusion would be very susceptible to water damage with our humid climate here in Louisiana. In our experience,we’ve even seen vinyl buckle and crack. This would be another clear indication of a replacement being required. If any of these symptoms are found then an interior inspection would definitely be needed. One should look for any symptoms of water damage such as moisture in areas in which it should not exist. Also, if any unwanted animals or insects are found, then it would be clear that an intrusion exists that calls for immediate attention!

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