Cement Board Vs. Steel Siding

It’s another wonderful day  in the southern states!

The morning commute left no accidents to be found nor a drop of rain came out of the sky; it’s been a great start indeed. Continuing on, days like today are grand, but are not the everyday occurrence. We have plenty of troubles knocking at our door, and even more so on the siding of our homes. Siding, one of the most integral parts of our homes, and one of the first parts our friends and neighbors see. Whether it is chipping, peeling, fading, or the look of overall wear of traditional siding.

We’ve heard the commercials on the radio of companies offering a ceramic coating that will keep you from ever painting again, and Cement Board is a longer lasting material that will have your home protected for a good long time, but what will it cost? Both of these applications prices combined will result in a bill that may send some looking for some aspirin. It is twice the work for one overall product.

Instead of subjecting oneself to such financial torment, one may start off the process with a superior building product such as Steel with Kynar coatings. The plant has provided us with the Single 6 Steel Siding System that comes in a multitude of colors to match your home. Also, these coatings are not just glorified paints that will have to be redone after a short amount of time. These coatings are guaranteed not to fade, crack or fall apart after some time. Also, our Kynar coating reflect 77% of the sun’s harmful UV rays thus keeping your home cool in the summer and warmer in the winter when coupled with our radiant barrier insulation. These coatings are guaranteed not to fade for over 35 years.

The Steel Siding panels with the Kynar coating already on the panel saves one from having to acquire two companies come out to get the same job done. Thank you for reading, and best of luck in whatever avenue you do indeed choose.