Energy Efficiency From The Outside In!

I’m sure you’ve heard dozens if not hundreds of commercials offering products that will save you money on your energy bills, but have you ever thought about what actually happens to all this paid for energy? One of the biggest offenders to energy waste is the common air conditioner. We take our air conditioners for granted, and they have become a perpetual way of life. In actuality, it really isn’t the air conditioner’s fault. It is that we allow our coveted cold air to escape our very homes without any rebuttal!

Here is how we fix this mighty issue we must ensure that there are as few gaps in our home as possible. We need to keep the conditioned air in our homes, and not just give it away! Another majorly ignored part of the home that will drive energy costs down would be the siding on the home. With conventional siding methods such as wood siding, cement board, or the popular vinyl siding one isn’t doing much other than just covering the home. If one were to use an energy star rated siding coupled with a radiant insulation one would save up to 40% on their energy bills! Imagine all that saved money that would get to stay in your wallet each month! Here at MAXWALLPRO, we have just what you need to strengthen and insulate the most neglected part of the home(On average, we aren’t pointing any fingers here). The Single 6 Steel Siding System has everything you’d ever need to protect your home for life, insulate your home better than ever, and block 77% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from even getting to your home in the first place!

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