Ceramic Coating Vs. Steel Siding

Today we shall discuss the major differences between Ceramic Coatings and Single 6 Steel Siding. Both products deserve merit, but I’m here to show you why one should choose a new siding application as compared to a coating based upon current materials.

1) Coating of Old Materials as Compared to Replacing the Old Material With Steel and varying warranties.

From what we’ve gathered, Ceramic Coating is simply a paint alternative with more to it so it may last longer. They offer a 25 year warranty to “never paint your home again”, but do you plan to have another home within 25 years, or would you rather a product that isn’t just a covering of what you already have? Also, if it came at a very competitive price as compared to new Metal Siding? Our Single 6 Steel Siding System comes with a lifetime warranty along with the “warranty plus” that gives 35 years of color protection along with lifetime hail protection. What sounds better in this situation? We’ll be happy to let you decide.

2) Insulating Properties

Ceramic Coating claims that it can reflect the sun’s rays with it being 3 times thicker then conventional paint. Whereas, with the Single 6 with it’s Kynar coating repels 77% of the sun’s rays, and coupled with our Radiant Barrier Insulation or tri Fold Insulation up to 40% energy savings can be seen on average yearly. This is especially true in the south.

3) Installation

Seemingly, this is the biggest difference between the two. The install and application of the Ceramic Coating is much more Labor intensive, and a much larger room for error. Moisture is Ceramic Coating’s biggest enemy. If water were to get under the coating it can become compromised. Also, the ground must first be trenched around the home, then a fungicide and a pesticide must be applied/ After that is completed all cracks larger than 1/16th of an inch must be sealed. Thus the home will be covered in chemicals before the coat is even applied. After that a primer goes on which acts as an adhesive, then two coats of the “Paint”. The process is then complete.

In the case of the Single 6 Steel Siding, our factory trained professionals access the project. Removal of old siding occurs if needed. Then, inspection of wood behind the siding occurs. If any rotten or broken wood is found it would then be replaced and repaired. Next, the application process begins. Insulation is applied, then the starter base is applied, panels go on, then all caps and flashings go on as needed throughout until the project is tight. Once it is all completed, the customer signs a completion certificate once satisfaction has been reached, and we all shake hands at the end of the day.

In review, these are a few of the major differences between Ceramic Coating and our Metal Siding alternative. Please take this into consideration while deciding what you choose for the exterior of you home.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with whatever path you may choose.